Business IT

We keep businesses thriving with proactive and flexible IT solutions. Backed by our friendly, local help desk.


With friendly onsite service, we can solve your tech challenges quickly and affordably, right in your home.

Data Recovery

Honest, trusted, local data recovery services for all media types. We have the highest success rate in Orlando.

Computer Security

Our team of computer security experts will defend your network from the always expanding number of online threats. 

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Business IT

At Orlando Business Technology Experts, your business’s success is our goal. We strive for maximum uptime and guaranteed security. By trusting us, we provide the following services to help your business succeed:

Focus on your business, not the technology behind it

Talk to a real, local agent instantly. No waiting/ holding the line for a representative.

Get physical IT support when you need it. We will come to you for maintenance, repairs, installations, and more.

Let us host your networking systems and software. Databases, Storage Systems, Remote Desktop Connections, and more.

We can also help you migrate to a cloud-based operation or establish your own.

We will be there when disaster strikes. Hurricanes, Fires, Theft, and Hacking – we’ll make sure that you can recover immediately and continue operations.

We’ll secure your endpoints and keep your business (and business data)

We’ll set up and manage your iOS and Android devices to keep your business moving.

We provide custom-tailored IT infrastructure for your business.

We’ll make sure your business is secure, and protect it from any threats.

We will make sure your infrastructure complies with the latest PCI standards. For more information, refer to here

If your medical practice needs HIPAA Compliance, we will work with you to evaluate your business and IT infrastructure to ensure patient data is protected.

We will also audit the business’ IT practices and offer advice on how to improve security and prevent attacks from occurring.

Managed IT Services

Managing all of the devices, services, and users can be difficult – especially when you need the manage the business too. Let Orlando Business Technology Experts manage your IT infrastructure.

Don’t waste time configuring when you can spend that time improving your business! Our managed IT services include:

We perform an in-depth study of your current IT infrastructure and procedures. We want to make your business more efficient

We monitor your devices for issues and will proactively work to prevent downtime due to hardware issues. We’ll contact you before you need to contact us!

Make downtimes a thing of the past. We’ll keep your servers running and your network fast.

We actively scan your business for security risks and solve them as quietly as possible. We will keep you secure while not being intrusive.

Never lose data again. Our NAS and other backup options allow your business to have centralized and secure data. You will have the ability to restore files instantly.

You want the best IT Infrastructure but you may not want to devote all of your business funds. We understand this and will assist you in picking the best technology for your budget. We also provide advice on whether upgrades are needed.

Prevent downtime by maintaining your computers before an incident can occur. We will clean your computer internally and externally, keep your computer up to date, and address hardware concerns before they worsen.

We provide better, faster, and more affordable managed IT services. Let us help you achieve success. We will work with you to create a customized service plan that accommodates your particular needs and budget. Our flexible, innovative approach allows you to focus on your business and grow with ease.

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Data Protection

Never lose data again! A data backup plan is your best defense – it protects a key asset – your data. Our technicians will advise you on the right data backup solution to fit your business needs and budget.

The sole purpose behind backup is peace of mind along with data recovery and in some cases regulatory requirements. When your data is unavailable, downtime is real and costs escalate. Both SMBs and large enterprises need appropriate backup solutions to support business structure and goals. Our IT technicians provide solutions that span local, remote, and hybrid.

A primary distinction between local and remote backup is location. Local backup occurs onsite, backing up your operating system, applications, and databases to a server or other backup hardware regularly. Remote backup occurs offsite – ranging from nightly backup to cloud server virtualization.


Find out how we can help your business never lose data again!

Network and Computer Security

Get fast, light, proactive protection against a broad spectrum of evolving malware — including viruses, worms, spyware, and other harmful attacks. Our anti-virus solutions are designed to stay ahead of cybercriminals, analyzing code execution in real-time, so you can proceed confidently, without interruption in service.

  •           Powerful, yet efficient real-time protection
  •           Constant Scanning with script blocking tools
  •           Riskware/ Unwanted Software Analysis
  •           Quarantine Suspicious Software/ Downloads immediately
  •           Secure Backups

We deploy advanced Firewall configurations to ensure network security.  Firewalls are used to prevent unauthorized network access and prohibit known-bad websites from loading on your network. Our expertly configured firewalls will keep you secure without you realizing it.

Most network attacks are caused by poor network configuration and/or management. We configure our devices to provide only services that are needed

Our practices are also PCI and HIPAA Compliant, which means your business will be secure to you and your customers. We offer PCI and HIPAA Audits.

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Network Services

We offer complete Wi-Fi/Wireless networking support, including in-building/on-premise wireless and point-to-point systems. We are well experienced and qualified to offer assistance with 2.4G and 5G systems, running on 802.11 protocols, plus Mikrotik NStreme and Ubiquiti proprietary overlays. VLANS, separate Wi-Fi networks, virtual SSIDs, QoS and rate-limited network access, RADIUS authentication, and roaming are all topics we can help you with.

We work with many ISPs, so we understand using ISP-specific hardware in your network. We will properly configure your existing equipment to produce a more secure network and help you choose additional equipment to streamline your business’ network.

We can also deploy NAS, Domain Controller, and DBMS solutions in your network. These solutions can allow for networked storage, speed up overall computing performance, and maintain valuable data for a quick lookup.

We will work with you to plan the network map, cabling needs, location of devices, IP address range, and security elements. The business network is the core of all business interactions today.

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