Business Support Solutions

When you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your business, you need to know that you are taking advantage of the best technological solutions available to you. The right IT solutions can be the foundation of your business practices, keeping your staff productive, your daily operations streamlined, and your costs lower.Our team of experts provides a wide variety of Business IT Solutions to help you focus on running your business, including:

Managed IT Services:

Completely managed IT Services to take care of all your IT business needs, leaving you free to focus on running your business while we run your technology.

Managed Help Desk:

Providing a team of experts to be available to answer your IT-related questions and resolve any technological issues that might arise.

Onsite Technicians:

Sending technicians to work onsite at your place of business to help deal with any IT issues you might be experiencing.

Network Hosting:

Providing network hosting services for your business to ensure you have access to the best possible network of technology to serve the needs and goals of your business while staying within your budget.

Cloud Services:

Moving your IT systems and information to a cloud-based environment that you can access from anywhere with an Internet connection, making your business safer, more easily customized, and more agile.

Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Services:

Ensuring your IT systems and vital data will be kept safe and recoverable from natural disasters (including fire, flood, hurricane, etc.) or manmade threats (like hacking or malware).

Security Patch Management:

Managing any third-party software you use (like Adobe Reader, Flash, or Java) and ensuring that they are kept updated and protected from any security concerns that take advantage of them.

Mobile Device Management:

Helping you make use of mobile devices to let you and your staff access your business systems and data on the go, including increasing the quality of your mobile device usage and guaranteeing the safety of your data.

Systems Engineering:

Providing a custom-tailored IT infrastructure for your business to ensure that your technology is providing the best possible service for the needs of your business.

IT Security Consulting:

Analyzing your existing IT infrastructure to determine your business’s security and advise you on how to improve it, shore up any vulnerabilities, and apply new technologies to keep you safe from cybercrime.

PCI Audits:

Ensuring your business remains compliant to regulations regarding the Payment Card Industry (PCI), in case you accept payment for your services by credit or debit.

HIPAA Audits & Risk Assessment:

Assessing medical office IT systems to ensure that they are compliant with HIPAA regulations and that your clients confidential medical information is kept safe from anything that might threaten it.

We work with our customers to design digital strategies that integrate Internet, Front Office and Back Office solutions. The world is moving quickly towards an electronic environment where information flows seamlessly from business to business and from business to customer. Implementing a successful technology plan is critical to survival in this new environment. Call us today at 407.679.3100 for a free assessment.