Virus And Malware Protection

Prevent, Detect and Remove Malicious Computer Viruses and Malware

Get fast, light, proactive protection against a broad spectrum of evolving malware — including viruses, worms, spyware and other harmful attacks. Our anti-virus solutions are designed to stay ahead of cybercriminals, analyzing code execution in real time, so you can proceed confidently, without interruption in service.

Powerful, Efficient Anti-Virus Protection

Our solutions conserve resources in memory and on disk, leaving more for your critical applications.

Real-Time Detection

Reduce your attach surface and protect your data, with proactive, real-time detection before and during program execution.

Constant Scanning

With constant scanning, you can block dangerous VBScript and JavaScript scripts before they’re executed by the operating system script processing engine.

Riskware Analysis

Scan and analyze the programs and executables launched or downloaded to your devices. Upon detection, the system will allow or block the execution and delete the program.

Quarantine of Suspicious Objects

Delete, disinfect or restore objects from the quarantine using the end-user quarantine manager.


You can automatically create backup copies of infected objects prior to disinfection or removal, or allow on-demand restoration of objects that contain valuable data or require further investigation.